New Hope Psychiatry is On the Move

We are pleased to announce that effective August 1, 20201, New Hope Psychiatry is transitioning to Seattle Neuropsychiatric Treatment Center (SeattleNTC).

A small, private, office-based practice located at 11 Bellwether Way, Suite 210, in Bellingham, Washington.

Now providing telemedicine appointments at provider discretion.

Dr. Laurie Arndorfer

Dr. Laurie Arndorfer specializes in Reproductive Womens Mental Health.  She works exclusively with women, ages 18-45, treating most psychiatric conditions which occur in this age range.  During this time of life, many women struggle with initial symptoms or recurrence of symptoms of mental health issues.   Dr. Arndorfer’s interest in women’s mental health evolved from specialized training during residency in working with this population, ongoing care for women in both inpatient and outpatient settings, and collaborating with primary care physicians and obstetricians over the past decade.  The primary goal of New Hope Psychiatry is to promote emotional wellness in women of Northwest Washington.  Dr. Arndorfer strives to help women who struggle with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, particularly during high risk times such as premenstrual, pregnancy, postpartum and peri-menopausal phases. 

Dr. Arndorfer provides comprehensive services including diagnostic assessment, brief, solution focused supportive therapy, patient education and medication management.  If longer term psychotherapy is required, she will make appropriate referrals to therapists in the community.  Dr. Arndorfer considers the latest in medical research and evidence based medicine in order to provide expert recommendations to her patients.  This approach allows patients to make the best choices for their mental health care, including assessing the risks and benefits of treatment vs non-treatment with medication during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  She will also suggest other therapies to support mental wellness including nutritional strategies, sleep hygiene, exercise, meditation, and nutritional supplements.