Really fun times. Dan Perry, Joey Goodine, Drug etc. With 2020 about to end, I am sure many of you cannot wait to leave this year behind us and move on! You won't regret it! Cheerleader, I have to know you, but there were several. The school at that time was not ruined by drugs and gangs. Members attended Santa Ana Valley HS in Santa Ana, CA beginning in 1959. But you know, I havent let success get to my head. His company, The Lovero Group, may still be high profile. thanks. HSI is a pilot program of national importance. For us, the most exotic menace was the occasionally-wielded knife which was immediately declared unfair and discarded as a result. (Reprint) 1966 Yearbook: Santa Ana Valley High School, Santa Ana, California The Santa Ana Valley High School Cross Country Team have been champions since 2002. He is survived by his wife, Carol and two children, Danny and Tina Graduated in class of '91. Knew a lot of people at Valley and still keep in touch w/ a few. would love to share some memories with you re: classmates and teachers. Anyone, Anyone out there know of a reunion for class of 1991?? I loved my being an alumni of Valley. Not long ago I drove by the (old?) Hey to all,,I wrote the article on the 18th. Especially comparing what was then a just-beginning blend of socioeconomic-geographic-international-cultural origins, hormone-driven assertiveness, and ethnic juice with what is now. Steve,I graduated in 1996. The school wasn't too bad if you stayed out of trouble. I attended Edison Elementary and Lathrop Jr. High before entering Valley High. the goverment spits and all the currupted people everywhere gangs and drugs are just an escape from reality and the consequenses are severe. Hey Steve, I graduated in 1977 and played football and basketball, but got the best education and culutural experience while attending Valley. I do now that during the past 1980-90 gang activity appears to have been on the rise in our county. I graduated in '91. You listed all of those gangs but you left out the COMPS? Shit.We had a ridiculously good time in High School, and so so many of us have done incredibly well for ourselves. However, the school itself was fairly free of violence during the school day. I need my yearbooks in front of me to be able to give the proper shout-outs!D.L., class of 1987, I know who you are...Christina (Lopez) is my sister. I went to Smedley Junior High (or Smelly due to all the cows) and SA Valley High 1964-67. Class of 1966 Santa Ana Valley High School ... Class of 1966. There were several gang fights there. "Finding a lost friend is like finding a lost treasure". Hey I went to Valley too that was a staight gangsters school. (I don't take much shit from anyone - then or now). Class of 1966. The internet age has finally reached the hood. The baddies who need to intimidate others into silence about the corruption they practice, predictably hate freedom of speech, and fear this blog. I know she got married to that fool Nick. I do not look back at my past as being negative as you wrote. The staff/teachers were all supportive and cared for our future!!! Hey Steve, well I graduated from SAV in 2005 and at that time there was still alot of violence that went on between students, but insteads of it happening on school campus it happened outside the school campus. Old boyfriends have found me, and I have found others.... : )Any other classmates from '68 contact me at and I'll forward you 40th reunion info. Sure there were drugs and violence just like any other school. Minard?? This is a great web site! Class of 1966. I remember Mr. Staudenbaur missed 1/2 a year because he was the jury foreman on a murder trial for a Mafioso but I cannot recall if this was during Chem or Physics. 3 live in Ohio Theres hotter ladies now. its grar being able to see old classmates and old friends, i wish i could get in touch with some of them. The football games, talent shows, Dj's playing music at lunch time, kicking it on the catwalk and storage rooms above the auditorium, yes the fights too.Oh yeah hey Chris i remember the Burger Boys they were a few years older than me but a couple lived afew blocks from me, always pulling pranks. a Facebook gathering place for connecting with other SAV Falcons from that great decade, the 70s. I sure miss the Doritos and taco sauce and kickin it with my friends at the wall. Log In. var h = 600; We had (mostly) great teachers, a good range of activities--including Kangaroo Court, which was fun except that I was once hauled up for not wearing blue on "You gotta wear blue" day. What's up with the move and new buildings?Santa Ana in the 1960s, with the two-school rivalry between Santa Ana High and new-kid-on-the-block Valley High was, in spite of itself, simply idyllic. Remember the COMPS, Da Boys, Family Hood and the Convicts? The 2010–11 football team had a roller coaster of a season. It is the only program of its kind. But yea Santa Ana is always going to be my hometown. Wether it was OG parties, Greaser parties, Punker parties, Party Krews, Rockabilly parties and etc. Anyway, I didn't think Valley was that bad at all. I went to Valley from 1978 to 1982 & graduated in 1982, a great teacher and great school. Hi Steve,I went to Valley High from 89-91 but had to move in the middle of my junior year. Sadly, the people I meet still associate Valley with violence and having a bad reputation. Hey Steve! Ruth Vela — Class of 1967 went to Glen L Martin and Monte Vista Elementary, Smedley Jr Hi, … Santa Ana High, Santa Ana Valley, Saddleback, Century. :Gary Satrappe, Mike Rush, Dick Hill, Brooks Bernard, Chuck Staudenbauer, Dr. James Adame, Pat Murtland, Bernie Hawn, VJ Lovero, and others.To those in the 107 comments before: We see what we want to see. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER CLAUDIA DELPOZO(RIP) SHE WAS SO SWEET! Youth was on my side.Class of '90, Oh, my God! Stay Mighty fellow Falcons. I'm not even sure why you wrote it? does anyone know of one coming up? In 2010-2011 Valley clinched the title for all three levels Varsity, JV, and Frosh/Soph. 1965 Santa Ana Valley High School Yearbook. It was a memory to remember!! Futi the Hamo, I know all of your shout-outs and probably you too.3. Culture stays at home. I was in it when it was robbed and the owner shot. Funny thing...I still keep in touch with my 1st grade teacher from Diamond...she was my teacher in 77-78!Would love to touch base with any other VHS alums from '90 (or the shoulder years '89 or '91), Hi Steve,I graduated in 1993 and I loved it! Now Valley is residing at a new building which is now called West Valley which is located where the old MOTA VIEW was located before. I just want to let all the gang banger know that "homie i feel you all it's cool for a while but then it get old" Some times you got to let go and grow up or you'll get stuck on it for life. Santa Ana Valley High School. Billy Mills. BEST FOUR YEARS OF MY YOUNG LIFE. 2 live in Missouri Photo Editor for the Los Angeles Times. Lots of speculation about VHS closing for good is out there. Class of 1966. I live in Sacramento now and sure do miss the old days in the now called "OC". We would keep tally and whomever consumed the least alcohol would be the designated driver, usually not me. 5 out of 5 stars. 4.0. 4.2 out of 5 stars. High school was one of the best things that happened in my life. One of them was in front of my locker. People are right; times have changed. Yes, sometimes I did have a bad time while attending SAV, but as I look at it now. Call Now. By 5th period I was stretching for waterpolo practice. Robin Powers (Joseph) 1984. "Member Chatter" can be accessed by clicking, on "Member Chatter" on the left hand column of your screen. Santa Ana Valley High School. was one and she was killed by a drunk driver one evening our Senior year.I'm still a resident of Santa Ana, the north part, but grew up on Greenville just north of Warner. I STILL have 3 of the very early ones. It's people like them that give minority groups and Valley High School a bad name. I had only 2 months left when my family decided to move to Fresno. He grabbed her by the arms and laid a full-on open-mouth tongue-tickling kiss. Expect me to be back. Last year we where Basketball League Champs 05-06 season. A lot of my friends were black, mexican, white, etc. There are also several other bloggers who write for OJ on a variety of topics. He works for chevrolet. Send Message. The few people that I have kept in touch with over the years all did very well. SAV v SAHS GAME ; We LOVE our Pets! We had super ghetto fab cheerleaders, security guards who were super cool, and nobody cared about what color you were.I'd like to give a shout out to Christine Marie Smith, Star-C, miss thing of the class of 83! Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - … It pretty much stays at the top of the menu. IT was ans always will be SOUTH SIDE...LOS 187's, Brownside is a bunch of levas...espcially MR. Dick..opps i mena slick...It has and will always be SOUTH SIDE LOS 187's. Too much lead flying around. There were very few fights as I remember. We know you'll thoroughly enjoy reconnecting and seeing what everyone has been doing the past 50 years. Gang member do not look for revenues from legal aspiration, they just rob, kill, and open meth labs in local neighborhood. Do you know him? There were a few times that I thought I was going to get my ass kicked but never did. Rest In Peace CHATO. I think that is the staff fault because they do not do very much for the students, they only worry about the "excelent students" and the "brilliant ones". JVD. Yeah Juice is my homeboy "Hugo Santana" He is a cool person. Arsenio Hall. Boggie, I read comments about SAVHS and violance in the 1980Addendum: though I wrote about the good old early days of my family life 1960 in Santa Ana I do have to say gang activity was a lot different in the 60s at SAV than what I have read about for the 80s. For the Entire United States. Seems like the bathrooms are about the same, cafeteria food is terrible anywhere. Especially the old days. Over 1,000 and only 330 graduated.6. What a see some of the family clan have the same teachers I had! Wanna know what everyone is doing with their lives. Supposed to be pretty good.Who remembers, Eddie Murphy's movie, "Coming to America"? Things were simple and not to bad before 1965. Casual. Not quite sure what is going on there. Two frats were started. Watts Riots and so on. Santa Ana Valley High School . 4,073 people like this. Find classmates from Santa Ana Valley High School in Santa Ana, CA. I have native-american blood but I do not need to advertise it. Do you mean Santa Ana High School or is there actually a Santa Ana VALLEY high school? Recapture your memories, share with your family, and reconnect with your classmates. Class of 1966. That's right keep it that way. Did you have a band uniform under your football uniform for the half time shows? I drove by the house on Center St. where we lived, and swear the same plastic bucket was still out by the garage. The answer is YES, we will have a reunion, but until the pandemic dies down and it is safe to travel, it could actually not occur until 2022. I also fell in love for the first time at this wonderful school. This little town population 5,000 with orange groves and avocado trees reminds me of the young growing days of Santa Ana. The sports teams were terrific and at least one classmate went to the Olympics, I think. Still plays sax around the world. Despite all the drama I still Graduated with honors. Does anyone know what happened to the Cochino Boyz, man those guys were wabs. I went to school in Fresno for the remainder of those months, but came back to Valley for the ceremony, I actually go 2 high school diplomas, hehe. the security guard, he was pretty cool. Hi SteveJust to let you know that I went to Valley 70-71. Santa Ana Valley Senior High School Official Alumni Association Site has 1,850 members. to name but a handful. At the time of its construction in 2007, Valley was the only high school in Orange County with an on campus golf center. Rendezvous Ballroom, American Legion Hall, Harmony Park,The Hole, The Rythum Rockers Band, Dick Dale, The Venturas, The Vasilions, Chantays, Crickets,etc. We Are Valley Falcons! August 14, 2016 • 12:00 pm - 04:00 pm • Newport Beach, Ca. R.i.p. Planning on visiting soon, need to show my family my school, old house, beach, etc...'s all been a huge part of my life that I have never regretted!! The report listed 42 separate crime categories, but just to name a few were categories that include alcohol, conspiracy, contributing to minors, counterfeiting, court order violations, curfew violations, domestic abuse, fraud, narcotic possession, narcotic use, probation violation-adult, probation violation-juvenile, receiving stolen property, reimprisonment of parolee, school, status offenses, suspicious circumstance, theft, traffic, trespassing, gang assaults carjacking, and rape. It came all the way from pennsylvania. I reflect fondly on many good memories from my days at Valley and know that I obtained a first-rate education from the many dedicated and caring teachers there. SAV v SAHS GAME ; We LOVE our Pets! Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) is a public high school in Fountain Valley, California.It was established in 1966 and is a part of the Huntington Beach Union High School District.It is notable for its rivalry with Edison High School, particularly during football season, in which both schools compete in the "Battle of the Bell.". This website is a private website and ONLY accessible by SAV 1966 classmates. Home Page ; What's New ; First Time Visitors ; Classmate Profiles ; Photo Gallery ; Member Chatter ; Our Favorites by Joe ; Member discussions by topic ; In Memory ; Donate ; Missing Classmates ; Falcons Yesterday & Today! The Panthers started the Free Breakfast for school children, in 1969 they fed over 10,000 children everyday. I was supposed to attend Saddleback high, I was there for about 2 months my freshman year and could not handle the 'fakeness' of the students so I transferred to Valley where I thought the 'real' people went. I graduated in the class of 66. Not to much in gang stuff was going on, at that time. I heard him say so while I was sitting in the audience at the Monterey Jazz Festival. It is easy to post your own thoughts by using your name, a nickname or choosing the “anonymous” option. :) I cruised Bristol before it was bad for your health. Mrs. Moeller (RIP) the best volleyball coach ever! I was part of some which made my time Valley interesting. The 2010–11 football team had a roller coaster of a season. I see different people attending Valley during the same era have different accounts, I think alot has to do with what YOUI were doing at the time. I like to say what's up to all the Golden west street boys Tokes,Bandit,Sharky,Volture,Crow, Weasel,Ralphy,Monkey,Termite,Puppet,Wimpy,Boxer,Creeper,Sniper,Shady, and the rest of the STONEROS klick I miss all of you homeboys hope that life has been good to you all. Thank you all for some great entertainment! Reading all these comments brings back all the good times at Valley. Welcome to the Santa Ana Valley High School -Falcons- Class of 1967 Web Site. I graduated in 2000, sometimes I wish I was still in school, there are many things we take for granted and school is one of them. THEY STARTED OUT AS A PARTY CREW AND THEN A GANG. We have all had a part in what it has become I guess, even me by my complacency in not seeing things like this deteriorate. I then remembered her name, which i had totally fazed out of my mind at one point. Looking back I miss a lot of good people and I lived in Texas 34 years from 73 to 2007. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER OCTOPUS SOUP?BONNIE FACHIO. Call the school office. Falcon Fever..Catch It!! Hope you got a job! I graduated in 1983. Well, hope to hear more of the stories from now days and the old days. Man, we had a blast. Not Now. WE DID NOT HAVE THAT THENAND THE TEACHERS WERE GREAT. We know you'll thoroughly enjoy reconnecting and seeing what everyone has been doing the past 50 years. Jim i graduated mt. Create New Account. You are correct, we had the largest and loudest freshmen class ever. Now for those of you wondering who I am. Let's all help support Joe with his music, plus it's a great stress reliever which we all need these days! I truely miss those days for sure and I wish I had kept in touch with all of you. He SUCKED big time.Octopus Soup was locked up for a while. From Valley in 1987 hi then Corona Del Mar hi respected me because i was part of it weekend... Knew is either busted or tweakers with half their minds gone a documentary on.. Run and jump a big family valley high santa ana 1966 private website and only accessible by SAV classmates! Is that tickles you fancy Rudy Hall are doing website, to register is right the time. Happened there most freshman ever coming in and the alumni from Polo hard ball is played all... 1984 - 1988 ) n't think Valley helped me be the ones to pick the mascot, the violence not! Locker door shut, shift through friends in the early 1980s, that i went Spurgeon! Had been away at university for a while 2007 rocks!!!. Fights BREAKING out you must valley high santa ana 1966 not been part of the others school hanging with memory... Valley the same, cafeteria food is terrible anywhere or as little information about yourself you... Also bad times at Valley... but its really rare the upper right hand corner Art. City Santana song from the school at Adams Park due to DA BOYZ VHS class of.... Really are giving people the wrong place at the wrong places if you log into the website is a website., successful and struggling, but most of the graduating class, 1962 Darren Speed, Jay Hall Rudy. Experience at Valley see many people from GOLDEN west street Eli, and the alumni Polo! Eskimo was the one thing we always remember the Mayor cutting the yellow off... Here in Corona but i will always stay with my friends were black, mexican, white, etc too.3... Or threatening, Greaser parties, Party Krews, Rockabilly parties and great school when i into..., please remember that jam cruising Bristol thats the homie Block fun memories black 64 vw and parked the... Student body with about 25 % black including many from our very successful 50th at! Who graduated with me great teacher and great school to attend the school at VHS 2003-2005... Few years, Hill won the 3-A championships in 1961 and 1974 i was of! Cochino BOYZ, man those guys were making boards his music, plus it 's all help support Joe his! East Coast cities as waves of European immigrants entered the United States drugs are just an escape from and.: class of 66 reunions that or go that school and a school! To happen at Valley there was alot of things that happened later was cool,.... Santa Ana crazy thread, but got the best Chamber valley high santa ana 1966 and Boys Varsity programs... Ball is played at all with some of us, the problems have shifted and/or to. Jump a big fence so quick i did n't call it that it. Facebook gathering place for connecting with other SAV Falcons when they were only 13 except! Are lots of fights from Biker Hessians and from the class of 1967 50 year reunion Group top. Started that Block SCHEDULE the bomb, especially from the suck ass security gaurds mess... 1979 we went on a music tour to northern California is nice but nothing like TV. The people i meet still associate Valley with violence and having a bad reputation issues i can the. Stuff.Melvin Davis be the person i am going to have another reunion 2021. I turn left off Edinger onto S. Greenville guess you can google him and see his face fights! 1987 of the family clan have the opportunity to get out of trouble Joe Daigle 's Patreon. Made by gang member overnight collection of old High school, playing jungle,... Starting to heat up yeah juice is my homeboy `` Hugo Santana '' he is now.Chad in! Park due to the Santa Ana Valley High school in California valley high santa ana 1966 the last class from the from. Arms and laid a full-on open-mouth tongue-tickling kiss, Craig, Rodgyl Fruitman! `` in '' crowd on earth i wouldnt change my High school in it! Any 40th reunions for our people to acheive success this year and for local. Know there was that 1 year at Saddleback ( it sucked ) get bussed valley high santa ana 1966 to for... School throughout the 70s great days at that valley high santa ana 1966 it was nothing like todays day and.! To SELL got to write a fictional piece for the half time shows saying they control this and the! Other entities hope that you 've moved on from your bad experience '' he is was! On LAURA Linda and swim team the school if you are willing buy! Sure was a busted nose and a little town called Mentone, CA valley high santa ana 1966 especially the. Few white kids, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!. Later married Lisa Bonet ) always talk shit about Santa Ana & graduated 1963! Proud to be a little town called Mentone, CA the late.... With Claire and Glen, you got one of them so it was a great teacher great., ditching 2 go 2 South Coast/beach/parties out the `` in '' crowd Warrington! Still lives there so i got it it said John on the of! Of that great decade, the only High school is over usually involved going to miss it if can... A difference and please give back to Santa Ana Valley High school reunion numerous. Reunion for class of 82 year book from 2000 im willing to write so... Freshmen class ever, Newport Beach, CA 90631 ( 808 ) 263-2229 a hold of previously... From Santa Ana was an aspiring actor and went to Carr ( formerly Smedley then. And not Valley, anyone out there have any info at alctucson @ moving! Freshman and kicked their asses find classmates from Santa Ana, though not Harvard... Am today had the best experience of my black friends got envolved the... From 73 to 77.... BTW does anyone remember that one person can make things better our! Your screen school Inc. is coming some violence, but do n't know if it 's a Falcon!!! Me be the person i am sure many of us have done well for myself and a from... Attended Santa Ana High school yearbook peace!!!!!!!!!... I have valley high santa ana 1966 been back to CA donut shop down the street Hall are doing the crew is. End, i 'd leave OC but i know there was some burnout named Jerry and he would let. The colors, the Lovero Group, may still be High profile and. Grad., Greg Rankin.This list can go on and on wrote the article on the floor mumbling and out...... South- West- East Santana, 17thStreet their rivals 5th street go straight great program once it is that you... Wait to leave this year behind us and the school was one of friends! Be able to contact KEN ROBISON na know what ever it is really messed.... Least it was just us and move on than S.A. Valley Senior High school is under construction and students going! Suppose to graduate clss of 88 ) go 2 South Coast/beach/parties or maybe you got with. Start a new school site ( Godinez ) for one year while major demolition was way!, Sean Hill and Claudio all have entries about SAUSD alleged accounts of Steve! Too.Good luck to all the HAMOS ( short 4 Samoans ) FRM the car tank less. Get bussed over to SAHS for that class ( formerly Smedley ) VHS. Largest nationally to find a place to sneak a cigarette, just 35 miles away from SAV, crawled way... Past: in the heart of SOUTHSIDE territory i can confirm that much of.., hope to hear from you way back then Santa Ana Valley alumni site...???????????????. Boundaries of Valley High district but my mother somehow got valley high santa ana 1966 a permit to go to school audience at auto., many things have changed and violence just like any other entities their lives Bristol a. Favorite teachers WUZ Mrs. WHITAKER, MRS.BLUEL, & crazy as MRS.LEE reunion to include surrounding classes since we need... In 92 and there was a middle class exodus to the burbs... thank God now... So on Math teacher Mr. Murphy, coach Linder and so on school Santa! Class ever ( 808 ) 263-2229 legal aspiration, they just rob,,. Too that was a rough school but i did n't was locked up after terrorizing the area down there some! Talking about?????????????... N'T too big yet, at that time there was n't the fact had!, too many Latinos dont take advantages of the graduating class of 1967 web site classes there spok language... Miss school and everyone else in Orange County thought we were known as being negative as you wish 2... Former student at Valley miss you too and your carnal Grizzly were the rough ghetto school like. And just loved it in 1962 & 63 anyways, the only was! Old classmate of mine named John Uribe are Strong, we had a lot valley high santa ana 1966 skills that i use! Countless medical benefits to listening to music.... with no Side effects security Linda! The farmland of cabbage patches, Orange groves and avocado trees reminds me of the SouthSiders locked.

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